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TAP BOARD CREATION- Grades 1st - Adult

Create your own tap board to practice at home!  Dancers will be able to decorate their 4' x 4' dance board for display while not taping and the other side will be their tap floor.  

Class Date:  TBD

*U & Me Ages 18 months-4 years    
(2 classes per month, parent participation required)

This class replicates the creative movement class and is designed for young dancers who are not yet ready to be left alone in class.  Each dancer is accompanied by an adult each week, although it may not always be the same person.  Mom, Dad, Aunt, Uncle, Grandma or Grandpa may accompany the dancer.  Several fun activities using large motor skills and introducing ribbons, wands, floor spots and bean bags to help with coordination.  We love to bring out the parachute too! U & Me is a good introduction to dance class and to tumbling. 

Recommended:  Ballet shoes can be purchased from the studio.

Class Date:  TBD

ITEMS NEEDED: *Parent participation


Creative Movement - Ages 3 - 5, potty trained
(4 weeks, 30 minute class, $38 per session)

The primary goal is to foster creativity, freedom and expression in movement, and a love for dance.  The creative component is quite large.  or special activities happen in each class.  For example, a welcoming circle dance is used to bring the kids together for the first time each week.  We use exercises that work the large motors skills while building our coordination using ribbons, wands, floor spots and bean bags and new to the studio is our tumbling equipment.  

Recommended:  Ballet shoes can be purchased from the studio. 
Class Date:  TBD

(4 weeks, 40 minutes class, $34 per session)

In this class, kids will learn how to work hard using their coordination, and concentration.  They will work on building cardio endurance and stretching that will help with school gym activities such as running, sit and reach and upper body strength.  Interval training and obstacle courses will also be used.  The class will work on team building with game time involving hand and eye coordinating activities.  Focus bags will be used during the learning of punching and kicking techniques.  Each class will be different in activities and focus on of workouts.  This class is a complete workout, without the feeling of one.  The kids will enjoy this class and ask for more times!    

GRADES 1st-6th

Class Date:  TBD                                                     

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